California Dreaming, 2022

Image Size: 22 X 30 inches

Camouflage Project a collaboration with Lynk Collective

Pattern: Paula Voss (Collagraph)

Figures: Yeansoo Aum (Linocut)

The Keeper, 2022

Image Size: 22 X 30 inches

Camouflage Project a collaboration with Lynk Collective

Pattern: Yeansoo Aum (Linocut)

Figure: Paula Voss (Stencil and Collagraph)

Sticks & Stones, Words & Bones, 2022

Image Size: 12 X 16 inches, collagraph

Our Time on a Wall of Red Project, a collaboration with Lynk Collective

“If we don’t end war, war will end us.”
-H.G. Wells
“The Basques ran out of the forest with rocks and spears, attacking the Franks, who were sluggish with their many arms. There, on the bald heights of Ibaneta where wild purple crocus push through the grass, according to one account written only about fifty years later, the Basques killed every trapped Frank.” -Mark Kurlansky, The Basque History of the World
Keep an Eye, Searching, 2022

Image size: 24 X 48 inches, drypoint etching

Roots to Crowns Project, a collaboration with Lynk Collective

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.” -Rumi

American Joy, 2022

Image Size: 30 X 64 inches

An exquisite corpse collaboration with Lynk Collective Artists.

Head: Tracy Loreque Skinner (Monoprint, Paper Lithography)

Torso: Elisabeth Beck (Linocut, Collage)

Feet: Paula Voss (Drypoint, Paper Lithography, Collagraph Stencil)

“Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine, I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine… … singing joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me… … and if I were the King of the world…” – Hoyt Axton

Not a Stranger, 2021

Image Size: 5 X 7 inches, Woodcut Handprinted with Chine-Colle’

Contribution to Lynk Collective’s Zoom Portrait Project.

“The Lynk Collective group has helped us ‘not become strangers’ during this exile from printmaking.” -Bill Myers
Zoom Room: In Conversation, A Portrait Project, 2021

15 artists employed a variety of printmaking techniques to participate in a portrait project- a nod to a year of COVID-19 shutdowns and our online connection through Zoom. Artists were randomly assigned a subject and created a portrait of their subject as they would appear on screen in a Zoom Room remote meeting. An edition of 17 provides artists the opportunity to exchange portraits for a complete album of fellow “Zoombie” printmaking friends; and, one final exhibition piece will provide the virtual background for a Pandemic era memory none of us will soon forget.

Artists: Yeansoo Aum, Elisabeth Beck, Ryan Caputo, Jennifer Chen, Alexandra Chiara, Karla Fandel, Christina Yasmin Fesmire, Bill Jaros, Marelyn Larios, Nguyen Ly, Bill Myers, Marina Polic, Tracy Skinner, Paula Voss, Zana Zapur

Wild Guides, 2021

Image Size: 11 X 17 inches, Handprinted Monoprint with Silver Leaf on Handmade Nepali Paper

You have to pay attention to see things.

Charon, The Ferryman. 2019

Image Size: 10 X 10 inches, Reduction Woodcut 7 colors. A collaboration with Lynk Collective- fifteen artists produce a book, GHOST, Edition of 16

“The ferryman of ghosts, Charon at his oar.” -Euripides

The Product, 2021

Image Size: 10 X 8 inches, Handprinted Monotype with Collage

Together, apart. A tug-of-war with the future about what it means to be human. By way of the third window, carefully balance help and harm lest data eclipse humanity. Keep watch; wild guides depart vacant minds.

Contribution to Lynk Collective’s collaborative book project, Tension.

“Just as the telescope and microscope revealed blasphemous and transformative perspectives, big data will emerge as the third window into humanity.” -John Nosta The Digital Self

Club 87, 2019

Image Size: 4 X 6 inches, Hand-tinted Drypoint Etching with Silver Leaf

I know a woman who wears pearls into the pool for her daily exercise. I’m kind of a big deal.

Living at the senior home to secure her husband’s assisted care, a woman offered her bookkeeping skills to the management. I’m kind of a big deal.

The Aunties came to visit despite the rain, despite the drive; they were prepared- accordion folded bonnets of plastic and black handbags full of magic. I’m kind of a big deal.

The well-tended garden grew; sharing a bit with the birds but mostly the bounty: peaches and apricots, filled her shelves, quarts of canned vegetables and fruit. I’m kind of a big deal.

Club 87- I hope this print reminds you, cheerfully invites you, to live now. You’re kind of a big deal.

I’m kind of a big deal.

Pheri Bhetaula, Miyolangsangma Yemoja, 2019

Image Size: 14 X 18 inches, Paper Lithography, Collagraph, Drypoint Etching with Gold Leaf

From the Pacific Ocean to the Himalaya mountaintops, at home with your fellow Goddesses- known for inexhaustible giving and nurturer of water resources, prayer flags ripple with hope.

“…the goddess of humans who rides a red tiger. Miyolangsangma is very pretty. Her skin is orange and on her head is a wreath of bright flowers. She wears multi-coloured silk garments. She holds a bowls of food in her left hand and a mongoose that spits out jewels in her right. She exudes an air of stern benevolence, as if requiring that her beauty and generosity be reciprocated with respect and offerings.” _ the Abbot and reincarnate lama of Tengboche Monastery

Best Caught at Night, 2019

Image Size: 8 X 10 inches, Collagaph

There’s a MONSTER under my bed… Could be a hoax, or catastrophic climate change leaving us all dead!

There’s a MONSTER under my bed… Could be my stash- of forbidden cheese crunches, or the weight I need to shed.

There’s a MONSTER under my bed… Could be a teddy bear, or a heap of words left unsaid.

I asked that scary MONSTER, nicely, to sit up on my bed, to have a chat, a little snack and civil discourse instead.

What’s your MONSTER telling you?

Roadside Attraction, Desert Zoo Motif I, 2018

Image Size: 8 X 10 inches, Aquatint with Chine-Colle’

The greatest architect delights with us in our rough-hewn dependencies, dynamic skin and cynical boundaries of taxonomy. Gesture and spire reach courageously, limitlessly creative, to live and to thrive.

Roadside Attraction, Desert Zoo Motif II, 2018

Image Size: 8 X 10 inches, Aquatint with Chine-Colle’

The greatest architect delights with us in our rough-hewn dependencies, dynamic skin and cynical boundaries of taxonomy. Gesture and spire reach courageously, limitlessly creative, to live and to thrive.

Yak Train, Nepal 2107

Image Size: 2 X 5 inches, Drypoint on Handmade Nepalese paper- a 1,500 year old village-based ancient craft.

Their bells give fair warning to step to the high side of the trail, allowing them to pass. No roads in this part of the Himalaya, only human porters, yak trains and helicopters.

Not Responsible, 2017

Image Size: 9 X 12 inches, Drypoint and Collagraph with Paper Lithography

What do you want associated with your name? An oil drilling platform or a marine preserve? Or, perhaps a new species of coral- as vital, yet seemingly inconsequential as a colorful butterfly?

With names like Henry and Holly, and the promise to develop jobs and energy, more oil rigs appear to be a responsible solution to our energy and economic needs. But the next generation, yet to be born and named, are not responsible for the environmental risks that exploration bring, a stark contrast to the possibilities offered by investing, instead, in cleaner, advanced energy technologies. I hope this print causes thought about the decisions being made. I am in favor of preserving land and marine sanctuaries. Rigs to reefs. This is being responsible What do you value? The cost of energy and mineral exploration or the cost of managing marine sanctuaries? This is the task for the America-First Offshore Energy Strategy’s review by the Department of Commerce’s Investigation, due October 25, 2017. The Clean Water Act and both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which were created after the huge Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969, will contribute their substantial scientific knowledge to the investigation. Revitalizing the economy while helping achieve sustainability is responsible, for America, for the good of our shared natural world, and for the unnamed generations to come.

Giant Fairy & Sasquatch, 2017

Image Size: 16 X 20 inches, Triptych Woodcut with chine-colle’

Perhaps hidden in the trees, there’s a mystery within this image, a story- celebratory, a search for belonging that will be revealed as the series is completed.

“… you cannot value dreams according to their odds of coming true. Their real value is in stirring within us the will to aspire.” -Sonia Sotomayer, My Beloved World

Albatross, 2016

Image Size: 9 X 12 inches, Linocut 2 block print

This print was selected for a two year traveling exhibit throughout the country as part of Ink for Alaska, a juried printmaking show promoting the work of the Alaska Wilderness League.

what’s in our blue world

plastic straws and plastic caps

and the fish we eat

Do we over-consume and pollute our natural world, only later to regret the irreversible negative impacts we have manufactured ourselves? Or do we choose to be responsible to our environment and seek ways to consume with less impact on the land and water that sustains us and participate in the protection of our very sustenance? I am inspired by many individuals and groups that, through art, science, policy an action are working toward conscientious stewardship.

Found! Asparagus Officinalis P, 2106.

Image Size: 11 X 14 inches, Collagraph

True religion: the science behind smelling asparagus as it is excreted through the urinary system reveals that the ability to do so is genetic! Fascination… now we can imagine life as a dog: bombarded by scent!

Roasted! Beta Vulgaris P., 2016

Image Size: 11 X 14 inches, Collagraph

For my beloved and his garden- a talisman against all evil critters stealing from the neat rows of tender greens.

Maybe you want to check your “transit time”? Inspired by the health and nutrition buzz of food cleansing- this fascination is entertaining subject matter.

Skull Baby, 2016

Image Size: 13.5 X 19.5 inches, Monotype a.ka. Masks

I created this monotype on my birthday while thinking about who I am without all my identifiers- the masks we wear and share with the world: male/female, married/single, mother/father/childless, white collar/blue collar, liberal/conservative…..

Stoked on capturing this awareness and obvious to me as the artist, the image shows the unravelling of the mystery of self-identification. So, I had to laugh as my biggest supporter asked me why I was clutching a skull like a baby? Just like that we name it and create meaning.

I am. Intentional. Thoughtful. The masks we wear can be set aside. The capacity to grow and change is limitless. Define yourself.

First Dance, 2016

Image Size: 4 X 6 inches, Woodcut with chine-colle’

It’s gotta be time for a first dance! Just look up health benefits of dancing, turn up the music or sign up for a class. There’s something wonderful about movement and music.

Family, 2015

Image Size: 4 X 6 inches, Hard Ground Etching with Aquatint

Life is full of enormously difficult decisions that may separate a family, physically or emotionally. The care for the elderly, divorce, disease, mental health, finances or secrets may weigh on us during our lifetime. Each person functions with their own set of values and their own personal history. One person may be ready to cut the chain, grasping the full weight of the situation at hand while another may need more time. Above all, let there be love- a commitment to listen and to love.

Wind Turban, 2015

Image Size: 4 X 6 inches, Soft Ground Etching and Sugar Lift Aquatint

Vocabulary, language, old words and new words full of wit, humor or sarcasm. Powerful. This image was inspired by my embarrassing moment of being caught- gazing out a window and lazily chatting about the windy landscape and barren terrain. I proclaimed it an ideal location for wind turbans. Do yo mean turbines? The proficient use of language to express meaning over a lifetime will take stamina and most certainly be a “bigly” challenge. It’s part of society’s “textpectation”; so, harness your sense of humor and take that energy into the world.